Board of Deacons
The Diaconate of Bethel consists of men chosen by our Pastor to serve as church stewards. The Deacons are the right hand of our Pastor, assisting him and the church in many ways. Our Board of Deacons ministers to the congregation and makes visits to prisons, hospitals, convalescents at home and other areas, and assist in the Communion services. They attend to our Pastor and other ministers when they go out on speaking engagements as well as attend to visiting ministers. Our Deacons are all involved in other ministries at Bethel. They are led by Deacon Beville Gross, Chairman, Deacon Chester Mackall and Deacon Alvin Jones, Sr., Advisors, and Deacon Robert Chase, Vice Chairman.

Board of Missionaries
The Missionary Board of Bethel is very active in ministering to the needs of the Bethel church and community. They host an annual Community Day where they give away clothing and other items to individuals in need. The all day event offers food, activities, and music. The Missionary Board also attends to the needs of families in need of food and other items all year long with a special emphasis during the Thanksgiving Holiday period, providing Thanksgiving baskets to families so they can enjoy the season. The Missionary Board also visits women's prisons and nursing homes, especially during the Christmas season, bringing gifts and the holiday atmosphere with them, truly sharing the love of the season. They carry worship services during the year to them as well. Our Missionary Board also ministers to the needs of the women of Bethel. They host an annual Sister's Retreat whereby the women are ministered to and discuss issues directly involving them. Under the leadership of their President, First Lady Margo Easton, and Vice President Casaundra Easton, they are truly on the mission fields and are about our Father's business.

Youth for Christ
The Youth for Christ ministry is one of the most exciting ministries at Bethel. Under the direction of Minister Cordell Easton, the youth are involved in many activities throughout the year that enhance their spiritual commitment, foster relationships among their peers, seek to enhance family relationships, and provide an outlet of worship and servitude amongst them. Through services, fellowships, picnics, and recreational outings, the ministry provides an atmosphere where the youth can mature to become effective leaders and disciples in the church and community and they are able to express themselves in ways that address them at critical points in their lives. We participate with the National Youth for Christ Department of The Way of the Cross Church, International in three events each year. In 2012, the Youth for Christ Department branched out into two different age groups; teens and young adults, in order to better minister to their needs.  Minister Troy Chew serves as Vice President and Elder O'Brien Echols serves as Advisor.

Christian Education

The focus of Bethel is to make disciples of the congregation. This is provided through Sunday School, Bible Class, Marriage Enrichment, Singles’ Ministry, and Vacation Bible School. The focus is placed on providing not only biblical instruction, but to make it relevant to what is going on in our world now. Our Christian Education ministries provide sound doctrine through the unadulterated teaching of the Word of God, and not the opinions of men. Our Sunday school offers classes for all ages and is led by Missionary Mary Estep, Superintendent. The Marriage Enrichment sessions are taught by our Pastor and Assistant Pastor and are based on strengthening the marital bonds through the Word of God and practical teaching needed today as we face divorce rates that are higher than they have ever been. The Singles’ Ministry provides instructions on living life as a Christian single, committed to God, especially in today's time of wandering from relationship to relationship, as well as Christian based dating and preparation in a society that celebrates and emphasizes ungodly interactions. Sessions are taught by our Pastor and First Lady Margo Easton, and Co-Directors Elder O'Brien and Sister LaVonya Echols.


Children's Church

Under the direction of Minister Jerome and Sister Debbie Brooks, the Children's Church ministry serves children ages 5-12. They are taught on a level that they can comprehend. They are instructed in the Word of God, and how it applies to their daily interactions with their parents, peers, and other relationships. They are instructed in safe practices as children and how to be aware of the dangers that surround them. The children are very excited about the ministry as many different approaches are used from field trips to visual aids. The highlight of their summer is the Fun Day sponsored by the staff of the ministry.



This Ministry has been truly blessed by God and is not only for new members. If you've never been to Sunday School or you're not a member of any church but need answers to some questions, and you want to know what the Bible says about it; you are in Church, but you don't understand what you read; the Bible seems too complicated then we invite you to attend Discipleship Ministry so God can speak to your heart as we teach and minister to your needs through God's Word on a level which you can comprehend. Discipleship Ministry is led by Deacon Alvin Jones, Sr., who is also an instructor. He is assisted by Missionary Carolyn Spriggs, Minister Troy Chew and Missionary Marion Brooks. Sessions are from 9:30 am to 10:45 am every Sunday morning. Please come!   


God has truly blessed Bethel with an array of musical talents. From a full band accompaniment to a host of choirs spreading across all age ranges, our ministry is strong and continuing to grow. As both a compliment and benefit, our pastor Bishop Darnell Easton is a wonderful soloist, as well as our Assistant Pastor Elder Wilbert Jones. Our choirs include the Senior Choir, Women's Chorus, Male Chorus, Youth Choir, Youth Mass Choir, Pastor's Choir, Children's Church Choir, and our Bethel Mass Choir. Elder O'Brien Echols serves as our Minister of Music and Minister Troy Chew and Brother Alvin Jones, Jr., serve as Assistants.




Two key elements of any group is that it is adequately heard and is visually available.  Our Audio and Video Staffs provide this service to the congregate as well as providing opportunities to see and hear our ministry outside of Bethel.  Our services are reproduced and provided to the community via tape, CD, video cassette and DVD's.  We are also seen each Thursday at 5 pm and Sunday evening at 9 pm throughout the area on Comcast Cable-Calvert County channel 6.  The hour long broadcast has been able to be a blessing throughout the community, with many viewers visiting our church because of it.  We now broadcast our services live, providing opportunities to those who are out of the area or convalescent at home to worshp with us.  Deacon James Easton leads our Audio Staff and Elder O'Brien Echols leads our Video Staff.


Trustee Board

Providing excellent professional services to our congregate, our Board of Trustees are men and women who care about the business affairs of Bethel.  They enable Bishop Easton to focus more on the spiritual aspects of the church.  Working along with the Pastor, they attend to all of the needs of Bethel and are dedicated to making sure that all of our transactions with outside vendors and business ventures are handled in a professional and legal manner.  Elected by the congregate, they afford us the luxury of worshipping God freely and contribute to the financial needs of our church without having to concern ourselves with financial affairs.  We are truly blessed to have these men and women managing our best interests. 

Publicity Committee 

The goal of the Publicity Committee is to help fulfill Bethel’s mission by providing more exposure to the community through various communication avenues and present Bethel in a positive, professional and creative manner. The Publicity committee serves as the liaison between the Bethel congregation and local, state, national, and worldwide media to publicize news and information about Bethel’s ministries, services, and activities. 

Sister Raven Easton serves as our Chairperson and Sister Sharon Jones serves as Vice Chairperson.


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